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Rapid, 90% accurate translating

Skip the usual long and error-prone captioning process. Our tool delivers fast and accurate results, offering captions and voice-overs in 140+ languages.

Realistic AI voice-over

Are you searching for voice dubbing that doesn’t sound robotic and awkward? We have over 250 naturally sounding voices in 140+ languages to choose from and customize.

Auto captions & subtitles

No more wasting time manually transcribing

Don't like manually transcribing? You're not alone. Our auto captioning saves you time and headaches by automatically generating captions and subtitles.

Plus, it handles synchronization. No more manual timing either!


Translated AI Voiceover

Tell your story to larger audience

Why settle for telling a story with just the language in your video? Reach a wider audience with our 140+ languages that can be added to subtitles or used in voice dubbing.

You can also save time and money by using any of our 440+ natural sounding AI voices instead of hunting for the suitable voice-over talent.

Breakthrough Technology Features

Voice Cloning

Experience the future of voiceover technology with groundbreaking "Voice Cloning" feature. Now, you can keep the essence of your original voice as you translate your content into multiple languages. Experience the future of dubbing today.

Supports up to 29 languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Indonesian, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Filipino, Malay, Romanian, Ukrainian, Greek, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Slovak and Tamil .

Lip Sync (Coming soon)

Say goodbye to manual syncing! HeiTech's revolutionary "Lip Sync" capability ensures that your video's audio and visuals are perfectly aligned, saving you time and effort, while delivering professional-quality results.

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Create translated content in minutes, not hours, with just a few simple steps.

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In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, where streaming platforms and online content continue to captivate audiences across the globe, it’s absolutely crucial to recognize the sheer magnitude of the Video Dubbing market...




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